The Wildest Melania Trump Moments Caught on Camera


When it comes to the Trump family, everyone knows that Donald Trump attracts drama. Both during and after his presidency, countless bizarre Trump moments have been captured on camera for the world to witness.

Donald Trump’s constant drama often overshadows Melania Trump’s antics. But don’t be fooled—Melania has had her own share of wild moments, many of which, like Donald’s, were caught on camera.

Think it’s not true? Keep reading to uncover the wildest Melania Trump moments ever caught on camera!

When She Copied Michelle Obama’s Speech


Some of Melania Trump’s wildest moments didn’t become clear until after the fact. Take, for instance, her speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention. At first, people were impressed by how moving and well-crafted her words were.

There was a reason Melania’s speech was so good: she copied it almost word-for-word from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. The Trump Organization later blamed a staff writer for the mix-up, but the internet couldn’t let it go. Melania got roasted for trying to pass off Michelle’s speech as her own.