20 most cringeworthy snapshots of Donald Trump hanging out with women


Every president tends to stir up controversy in their own way. But let’s face it, Donald Trump takes the cake as the most controversial president around today.

Throughout his four years as president, Donald Trump said and did plenty of things that raised eyebrows. But perhaps one of the most significant sources of controversy emerged before he even took office: his questionable behavior around women, which many found downright creepy!

The public got wind of this when audio surfaced of Trump chatting with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood. In that conversation, he boasted about kissing women and groping them without permission. It wasn’t long before media outlets like Rolling Stone were shining a light on Trump’s unsettling behavior around women, like his habit of barging in on Miss Teen USA contestants while they were getting changed, some of whom were just 15 years old.

These shocking revelations made us see those old photos of Trump with women in a whole new light. Now, we’ve gathered the most unsettling snapshots of Donald Trump with women.

Trump And The Teens


Trump poses with contestants at the 1999 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants Press Conference. The women seem less than thrilled, but hey, at least Trump’s keeping his distance this time, right?

Receiving a Disapproving Glance from Melania


Caught in the Act: Melania’s Awkward Reaction to Trump’s Affection towards Jennifer C. from The Apprentice