The Surprisingly Tough Life of Barron Trump


While no one wishes anything bad for the kid, many find it hard to feel sorry for Barron Trump. He was born into wealth, with a father who became President of the United States. This makes him like a real-life Richie Rich, with some of the most powerful political connections in the world.

But it’s crucial to remember that behind the famous name and family power is a young guy trying to live a normal life. Barron has faced a lot of challenges, from feeling distant from his dad to dealing with a dangerous stalker. Want to see how weird things can get despite his wealthy background? Keep reading to find out about the surprisingly tough life of Barron Trump!

Feeling Distant from His Dad


Barron Trump’s parents are still together, unlike many families. But that doesn’t mean he has a close relationship with both of them. Looking closer at his life, it seems he grew up with a father who was often not there physically or emotionally.

According to Crooks and Liars, journalist Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” stated that “[Donald] doesn’t get along with his son [Barron], he doesn’t communicate with his son, he doesn’t — his son is effectively not at all a part of his life, even though he lives with him.”

Trump’s supporters might argue that Wolff fabricated this claim. However, as reported by People, Trump himself told Howard Stern in 2005, “I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.” This suggests that Barron has largely grown up with a father who is not very involved in his upbringing.