The Most Embarrassing Clinton Family Moments Captured on Camera


Bill Clinton was a mixed bag as a politician and president. On the one hand, he ruled over one of the most prosperous decades in economic and technical progress. But, on the other hand, his triumph was tainted by his affair with Monica Lewinsky, which ended in a profoundly embarrassing impeachment.

Clinton’s career survived the impeachment, but the humiliation did not. However, this was not Bill’s or his family’s first shame. Don’t you trust me? We’ve compiled a list of the most humiliating Clinton family incidents ever recorded on film!

Man yells “How’s Monica?” at Bill Clinton

Remember how we claimed Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky would haunt him for the rest of his life? We need only turn to the streets of New York City for proof!

A guy started up a discussion with Bill Clinton in early 2018, as the former president was stopped in traffic with his window rolled down. For the most part, the guy seemed to enjoy Bill, referring to him as “the finest president” and expressing a preference for Clinton to be elected president over Donald Trump. As the remarks were screamed at him, Clinton grinned, waved, and continued to give the thumbs-up sign.

But then the man says, “Hey, how’s Monica?”

As a result, an embarrassed Bill Clinton rolled up his window, essentially ending the conversation.