Ivanka Trump’s Most Controversial Outfits

Ivanka Trump’s clothing is seldom overly exposed, but it doesn’t stop her from making contentious style choices. She’s either flaunting her opulent lifestyle, marketing her products, or just wearing something that contradicts the message she appears to be advocating. So let’s take a look at some of her most infamous fashion gaffes.

1. The Silver Dress

Ivanka Trump

You might think it’s a little flashy at first glance, but she’s a Trump, so it’s not exactly startling. However, it is the context that is important. She posted a photo of herself wearing this clothing just days after Donald Trump declared his Muslim ban, which resulted in the separation of families.

People were eager to draw comparisons between Ivanka’s opulent $5000 Carolina gown and Ivanka’s modest $5000 Carolina gown. Hererra dressed with children in sheets of aluminum foil for warmth to highlight income disparity.

2. The Not American Dress

Ivanka Trump

So, there are a few issues with this outfit. This is a dress by French designer Roland Mouret that cost roughly $2000 and was produced in the UK. And Ivanka wore it to her father’s inaugural address to Congress, in which he emphasized the importance of buying American-made goods created by Americans.

3. The Self-Promotion Dress

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka wore this blush-colored gown to her RNC address, and it looked fantastic. But she then decided to earn a lot of money out of it by publishing a link to it on Twitter and suggesting that if you click through, you can buy a dress similar to the one she wore.

That was an affiliate link, which meant she was getting paid for every single transaction made through it. Given her riches and prestige, that’s simply greedy.

4. The Bathrobe Coat

Ivanka Trump

Everyone wondered if Ivanka had forgotten to remove her bathrobe before coming outside. Does it cost nearly $1000? Yes. Is it, nevertheless, fashionable and fit for the workplace? No, not at all. It’s absurd and demonstrates a lack of fashion sensibility.