Photo Credit: You Won’t Believe What They Did on Live TV!

Sneak in a nap


Being a morning show host is demanding, requiring high energy levels. For instance, Robin Roberts, the host of Good Morning America, starts her day at 3:45 a.m. to prepare for her 7 a.m. broadcast.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same dedication, leading to some awkward moments. Take Tucker Carlson on the show “Fox & Friends” in 2013, for example. During a live broadcast, he was caught napping, prompting ridicule from hosts Mike Jerrick and Alisyn Camerota. Despite the teasing, Carlson admitted he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before because he was filling in for his coworker Sean Hannity.

Captain Jack the Doubledealer


When a video of a self-appointed Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean surfaced online, it caused quite a commotion. Jess Weber later interrupted NBC 4 reporter Madison Brooks, who was covering the Breaking Bad premiere on Hollywood Boulevard.

Weber stood too close to the reporter, invading her personal space and even reportedly sniffing her hair, leading many to speculate it was harassment. However, the Huffington Post revealed that the video was a staged prank. The “reporter” was actually an actress named Christine Sargent. Weber went to great lengths to execute this stunt, which quickly went viral online.