8 Celebrities Whose Bodies Are Almost Perfect, According to Science

How do you define a woman’s beauty? Is it her facial features, body proportions, or popularity? Debating preferences can be endless, but luckily, science has provided a precise formula. What’s surprising is that these beauties don’t fit the traditional 90-60-90 model at all. The “scientifically approved” standards are based on the golden ratio, focusing on body proportions and symmetry. And you’ll be surprised to learn which celebrity tops the list!

1. Salma Hayek (88%)


They say beauty and brains don’t always go hand in hand, but Salma Hayek proves otherwise. In her youth, she almost ventured into politics—a path where her sharp wit, originality, and captivating presence could have won over entire continents. Yet, the world would have missed out on her talents as a fantastic actress. One of Salma’s unconventional secrets to maintaining good posture is reportedly climbing stairs backward.

2. Elle MacPherson (88.3%)


Introducing Elle, a mother of two children often hailed as an “ageless model.” Besides being a devoted wife and a creative designer, she’s known for her diligent work as a businesswoman. Ever wondered how she stays in such fantastic shape? According to Elle, the key is maintaining a balanced diet, staying active with regular exercise, and, crucially, embracing self-love and body positivity.