Vintage Ads You Won’t Believe Existed

Vintage Ads

As we’ve all discovered over the last decade, so many items from the past simply don’t age well. So many vintage commercials, for example, reflect obvious sexism or just outright indifference and contempt to several topics. But, on the other hand, certain vintage advertising may provide us with ultimate nostalgia, bringing a large grin to our faces as well.

1. Alcoa Aluminum (the 1950s)

Alcoa Aluminum

Isn’t it true that a woman can open a ketchup bottle? That’s the way of the future, isn’t it? After all, all it takes is a “dainty grip,” which, as we all know in 2021, all girls are capable of. (Insert blatant sarcasm here)

2. McDonald’s (1965)


All that food and a milkshake for 52 cents? Those were the days, I tell you. Even with inflation, that’s an unbeatable price.

3. Triplet (1960s)


Nothing screams love like blowing nicotine-laden smoke into a woman’s face, or so the thinking goes in this contentious Tipalet cigar commercial.

4. Schlitz Beer (the 1960s)

Schlitz Beer

Believe it or not, there was a period when all cans did not have a pop-top tab. But, because this was the only way to open them, firms hurried to “innovate” this basic mechanism regularly.