The Cast of ALF Then and Now

Who could ever forget the charming, red-haired feline enthusiast from Melmac? Yes, we mean Gordon Shumway, also known as ALF, whose comedic exploits began over 33 years ago in 1986. For a Melmacian, three decades is just a blink of an eye, so ALF remained the same. But what about the actors who brought the show to life? Let’s uncover their stories.

1. Michu Meszaros – ALF (full-size)

Michu Meszaros – ALF (full-size)

This Hungarian circus performer portrayed ALF whenever the show needed to feature him in his full 88cm glory. Due to the actor’s accent, Paul Fusco, the puppet’s creator and one of the producers, provided the character’s voice. Meszaros donned the furry costume in all 102 episodes, yet only a few fans ever saw his real face. In his later years, Meszaros fell seriously ill and ceased working. He passed away on June 12, 2016, at the age of 76.

2. Paul Fusco – ALF (voice)

Paul Fusco – ALF (voice)

The current location of the original ALF puppet might be a mystery, but not so for Paul Fusco. Fusco, the creative force behind ALF as a puppeteer, producer, director, and writer, has always held a special affection for the character. He was the only original cast member to return for the “Project: ALF” movie. Following that, he brought ALF back for “ALF’s Hit Talk Show” and featured in guest spots on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Love Boat: The Next Wave”, “Mr. Robot”, and “Young Sheldon”.

3. Anne Schedeen – Kate

Anne Schedeen – Kate

Ann Schedeen, known for her role as Kate Tanner, largely vanished from television following the series’ conclusion. In the past 28 years, she has taken on only a handful of small roles in three different shows. In 1989, Anne became a mother to a daughter and chose to focus more on her family life. Today, at the age of 74, she offers acting lessons to comedians.