Prince William’s Strategic Move Involving Rose Hanbury

Prince William's Strategic Move Involving Rose Hanbury

Prince William has been increasingly in the spotlight due to recent developments involving Rose Hanbury and rumors of an alleged affair. According to a reliable insider close to the royal family, the Prince of Wales has expressed a desire for Rose Hanbury to join the royal family.

Reports indicate that King Charles III has already taken steps to facilitate this by appointing Rose Hanbury’s husband, David Rocksavage, as his new private secretary.

Royal family experts suggest this move is a calculated effort by Buckingham Palace to dispel any allegations of Prince William’s infidelity. By integrating Rose Hanbury into the royal family, the palace aims to demonstrate that there was never any inappropriate relationship between her and Prince William, thereby silencing the persistent rumors.

This strategy is seen as a way to reinforce the integrity and unity of the royal family, projecting an image of solidarity and trustworthiness.