Pretty Woman Secrets You Never Knew

Pretty Woman Secrets You Never Knew

“Pretty Woman” is essentially the adult version of a fairy tale reminiscent of Cinderella, and it’s one of the most beloved romantic comedies globally.

The film isn’t solely about love; it’s about chasing dreams in Hollywood, a theme that resonated with many and helped make it an instant classic. If you’re a fan of “Pretty Woman,” here are some surprising secrets and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the film.

A Different Title Originally Planned

The movie we know as “Pretty Woman” was initially going to be titled “$3000,” which referred to the sum agreed upon between Vivian and Edward.

However, the filmmakers decided that “Pretty Woman” had a much catchier and more appealing ring to it. This change contributed significantly to the film’s marketability and enduring popularity.

Richard Gere’s Hidden Talent

Richard Gere is widely recognized for his acting prowess and striking looks, but did you know he’s also musically talented? The scene where Edward plays the piano features Gere’s actual piano skills. He composed and performed the piece himself, adding an authentic touch to his character’s sophisticated charm.