15 Celebs Who Are Gay That You Probably Didn’t Know



For celebrities, coming out as LGBTQ is no small feat. Take Portia de Rossi, for instance. She had already made a name for herself in TV and movies before she decided to tell the world she’s gay. In an interview, she talked about how tough it was to face her true self. She worried a lot that coming out could limit her acting gigs and mess up her career, which made her afraid of financial trouble.

Everything changed for Portia de Rossi when she met Ellen DeGeneres. It all began with a simple hello. A few months later, Portia found the courage to tell Ellen how she felt. In her memoir, Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain, Portia shares how Ellen taught her about acceptance, bravery, and wisdom. Today, they’re happily married and living their best lives together. They don’t have kids, but they’re perfectly happy just being with each other.



On New Year’s Eve in 1986, Tom Ford and Richard Buckley met for the first time at a friend’s fashion show. They spotted each other in an elevator, and right then, they felt a spark. Tom later said it was love at first sight, a feeling Richard confessed he shared. He couldn’t take his eyes off Tom—it felt like he was glimpsing his future.

When Tom Ford and Richard Buckley hit their 30-year mark together, everyone started asking how they kept their relationship so strong, especially now that they share a four-year-old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford. Tom says that besides love, the key is the respect they have for each other. Even during tough times, they stuck together because they truly believed in each other’s big hearts and souls.