Hollywood’s Most Unbreakable Couples of 2024!

Larry Bird And Dinah Mattingly – Together Since 1989

Larry Bird, the famous basketball legend, and Dinah Mattingly, his life partner, were married in 1989. Their journey started at Indiana State University, where they met. Dinah’s marketing skills stood out to Larry during their college years.


Larry smoothly transitioned into coaching after his retirement, making a lasting impact with the Indiana Pacers. Behind each success was Dinah, a constant source of support, as mentioned by Sport Brief. Amidst the honors, their greatest achievement is their family, embracing parenthood through adoption, adding depth and warmth to their enduring relationship.

Tim Duncan and Vanessa Macias – Together Since 2013

In 2017, basketball icon Tim Duncan and his partner Vanessa Macias celebrated the birth of their child, Quill Duncan. Interestingly, they had gotten engaged two years earlier.


Tim values his privacy as much as he once defended the rim. Their relationship went public when Vanessa shared it on Twitter following Tim’s retirement in 2016. They are a pair full of unexpected moments. But honestly, if they’re happy and Quill has loving parents, who needs a wedding fuss?