Crystal Hefner Opens Up About Her “Traumatic” and “Emotionally Abusive” Marriage to Hugh Hefner

Crystal Hefner

In her new book, Hugh Hefner’s third wife, Crystal Hefner, provides a candid and shocking account of her tumultuous marriage to the Playboy founder. The book, titled “Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself,” delves into the harrowing experiences she endured behind the closed doors of the Playboy Mansion.

Crystal Hefner, who married Hugh Hefner in 2012 when she was just 26 and he was 86, reveals in an interview with E! News that her relationship with the media mogul was far from the fairy tale many imagined.

Despite her genuine affection for him, she always felt that the love was not reciprocated in the way she deserved. She describes feeling mistreated and controlled throughout their marriage.

In her book, Crystal, now 37, discusses the emotional abuse and manipulation she faced. She recounts how Hefner’s controlling behavior extended to making derogatory comments about her appearance and dictating her wardrobe choices.