10 Lavish Celebrity Mansions That Only Millionaires Can Afford

Barack Obama – $11.75 Million


The Obamas are a celebrated American family, with Barack, his wife, and their children owning an impressive home worth $11.75 million. This property is situated in the coveted Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod. Designed by a renowned architect, the 6,892-square-foot estate features a pool, seven bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. Their exquisite home highlights their excellent taste and real estate acumen.

Matt Lauer – $36.5 Million, Hampton


The American Today host lives like royalty. In 2016, fans and paparazzi noticed Matt Lauer frequently flying to the Hamptons in his helicopter. It turned out he had purchased a $36.5 million retreat. This luxurious property, known as Strongheart Manor, spans 14,000 square feet and was built in 1902. It features a formal living room, 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a beach-themed spacious kitchen, a private beach, a basketball court, and a 60-foot heated swimming pool with stunning views of the property. Additionally, it includes a pond and two separate guest houses.

Ann Curry – $2.9 Million, New York


Ann Curry, an award-winning journalist and host of the Today show from 1997 to 2012, bought a $2.9 million house in New York with her husband in 2003. The 3,700-square-foot home needed renovations, so the couple started working on it right away. However, due to some alleged violations of Building Department laws, the work came to a halt. In 2011, the NYPD discovered squatters inside the property.